CUFA's Mission

Communities United for Action (CUFA) uses the power of diverse, grassroots people to create a strong voice for low- and moderate-income residents and to build thriving, sustainable communities for all.


Contact us

Our address is: 
1814 Dreman Ave. 
Cincinnati, OH 45223

You can contact us at:
[email protected]


Meet our Board of Directors

Clark Beck says, "I have been a member of CUFA for five years and have been a board member for several years. The most compelling reason I am a member of CUFA is that this diverse organization is fighting for improvements to how people live.  I reside in the College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati.  CUFA is a group of people working to correct problems and we need your participation."


Roy Davis says, "I have lived in South Cumminsville for 17 years.  I attended Southern Ohio College, and I have a BS from Miami University.  I am a US Army veteran.  I have been an active CUFA member for 8 years and on the board for 5 years.  The thing I like about CUFA is that we help people in the community come together and solve the problems they’re facing."


Roger Davis says, "I have been a CUFA member for 19 years.  I am a retired Cincinnati Police Officer, and a past president of CUFA’s board, the Sentinals, and the South Cumminsville Community Council.  I got involved with CUFA because of our work in South Cumminsville.  To help us grow our strength, I have started a CUFA speakers bureau and worked to get foundations and individuals to support us.  CUFA is successful because we won’t quit."

Robin Harrison says, "I have been a member of CUFA since March 2017.  I have served on the board for 2 1/2 years.  I love CUFA because we ACT on behalf of the community to get results.  I am active on the Sewer Justice Committee, and like reaching out to people who need help addressing their problems.  I know that working together makes us powerful."

Willie Hopkins
 says, "I have been a CUFA member for 2 years.  I joined the committee to get something done about the standing water in my yard.  I like how CUFA deals with problems.  I’m good at listening to people and I like fighting the system.  I have had several careers including social worker, truck driver, restaurant manager, and I’ve been in a Grammy Award winning gospel group."


Marvin Kraus says, "I have been a member of CUFA for over 25 years.  I got involved by opposing the transfer station in Winton Hills.  I’m a retired lawyer.  I enjoy being on CUFA’s board because it gives me contact with grassroots people power.  The thing I appreciate the most about CUFA is that we tell it like it is."


Elder Donell Raglin says, "I have been a CUFA  member for 3 ½ years, and I work with the Sewer Justice Team and Membership Committee.  CUFA helps make a change and bring about a better situation.  I have been a board member for the last two years.  I want to be on the board to be kept abreast of situations.  I like being on the board to help make everything run smoothly. I am proud that CUFA doesn’t stop.  We don’t hesitate to fight for the right thing.  We continue to try to make a difference."

Deborah Sims says, "I have been a CUFA member for 6 years.  I joined CUFA because I was concerned about the blighted housing in my neighborhood.  I am a retired activities therapist and mental health technician.  My proudest CUFA moment is when we went to the EPA in Washington and made them listen to our concerns about clean air and clean water.  I want to leave this planet a little better when I go than it was when I came in.  I chair the fundraising committee, which raised over $5,800 for CUFA’s work last year."


CUFA is an affiliate of People's Action