Week of Oct. 5: Last day to register + we still need another stimulus

Take action this week to make our democracy work.

TODAY IS THE DEADLINE to register to vote.  

Make sure the people we elect are working for us by supporting the HEROES Act.

Learn from other leaders around the country by attending the Living Room Leadership session.

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Here are the top 3 actions you can take this week:

  1. Today is the last day to register or update your registration in Ohio! Get registered to vote here. | Check your registration and polling place here. | If you have moved or changed your name, update your registration here. 

  2. Tell Our Senators: Pass the HEROES Act. The U.S. House of Representatives just released an updated Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, a second stimulus package to provide relief for low- and moderate-income Americans struggling financially seven months into the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, it's time for the Senate to negotiate and get it done! Contact your Senators today to demand that they pass the revised HEROES Act now and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice after inauguration.

  3. On Wednesdays at 12pm, our allies at the Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) host Living Room Leadership, a webinar series aimed to share the stories of community activists and leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is free and aimed to last about 45 minutes per event. The audience will have the chance to ask the leaders questions after they are interviewed by a CHEJ team member. This Wednesday, CHEJ is hosting Rebecca Jim, Founder and Executive Director of Local Environmental Action Demanded, Inc, to learn more about her work leading her Native American community’s fight for environmental justice and remediation of the Tar Creek area, one of the largest and most polluted Superfund sites in the United States. Register for the virtual event here to get instructions to join.

What's Happening This Week

Tell Senators Brown and Portman: We still need another stimulus now! From our allies at People's Action: 

The Senate is remodeling the kitchen while our house is on fire 

We are seven months into the pandemic. More than 206,000 people have died from COVID, and millions have been infected. Thirty million people remain jobless, and we can’t even keep up with how many millions of people are uninsured or underinsured in this pandemic. The U.S. House of Representatives just passed its second COVID relief package since Congress passed the modest relief in March, but neither the Senate nor Donald Trump plan to take up the bill.

Even though Trump has tested positive for COVID and is quarantining, the Senate is continuing to press forward in its plan to confirm Trump’s nomination of extremist Amy Coney Barrett as the next Supreme Court Justice.

Unfortunately for millions of people, the pandemic is far from over.

Contact your Senators today to demand that they pass the revised HEROES Act now and confirm the next Supreme Court Justice after inauguration.

Let's keep the pressure on Gov. DeWine to end utility shutoffs during the pandemic!

In the middle of a pandemic utility companies are shutting off people's water, power, and internet, and our elected leaders are letting it happen. 

CALL GOV. DEWINE AT 614-466-3555 OR 614-644-4357 TO TELL HIM:


Make Your Plan to Vote Now: Voter Registration Ends Oct. 5

Get Registered, Check your Polling Location, or Make Updates to your Registration

Register to vote here: https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov/register/

If you think you are registered, you can check here and get your polling place information: https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov/check-registration-status/

If you've moved or changed your name, update your registration here: https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov/change-name-address/

The registration deadline is October 5, 2020 to vote in the November 3, 2020 General Election. If your registration contains inaccuracies or you do not make changes to update your address or name by the deadline, you may be asked to vote using a "provisional" ballot.

Learn more about how voting works here: https://votehamiltoncountyohio.gov/voting-101/

Make your plan to VOTE in the November 3 General Election

If you are already registered and do not need to make update, make your plan to vote. Here are your options for voting in Hamilton County

  1. Vote Early beginning October 6. The Board of Elections is located at 4700 Smith Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45212. Hours are listed to the right.
  2. Vote by Mail. Request your ballot to Vote By Mail by printing and mailing the request form here.
  3. Vote at your polling place on November 3.


Other Important Information

Take Action to Ensure Voting is Easy 

An action from the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition to ensure everyone can vote easilyWe need you to write to House Speaker Cupp, Senate President Obhoff and Secretary LaRose and tell them to support prepaid return postage and expanded access to drop boxes.

Ohio Voter Rights Coalition says, "Prepaid postage will encourage more voters to take advantage of voting by mail -- a safe and secure alternative to voting in-person. It will save voters a trip to the post office, making voting easier, safer, and more convenient.

And ballot drop boxes are a streamlined, safe option for voters who receive their vote-by-mail ballots too late to return them by mail -- a big concern in light of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s recent attacks on the U.S. Postal Service."

The National THRIVE Agenda

We must build a new economy to address the inequality and racism the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare. On September 10, People's Action and several allied groups released a national agenda with eight key pillars: 

  1. Creating millions of good, safe jobs with access to unions.
  2. Building the power of workers to fight inequality.
  3. Investing in Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.
  4. Strengthening and healing the nation-to-nation relationship with sovereign Native Nations.
  5. Combating environmental injustice and ensuring healthy lives for all.
  6. Averting climate and environmental catastrophe.
  7. Ensuring fairness for workers and communities affected by economic transitions.
  8. Reinvesting in public institutions that enable workers and communities to thrive.

Read more on each of the pillars here and take action to ask your Representative to support it.

Save the Date for CUFA's Hamilton County Commissioner Candidates' Forum

Thursday, October 29, 7 p.m.  The forum will cover housing, sewer and utility issues.  Click here for more information.


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