Week of June 21: Fair Sewer Rates launch & upcoming events not to miss

CUFA had a busy week last week, and there are more exciting events to come. Tell the Hamilton County Commissioners we can't wait for fair sewer rates. And then, join us at an upcoming event!

Take action now for Fair Sewer Rates:

  1. Last Thursday, CUFA & 17 of our allies delivered 5 demands to the Hamilton County Commissioners to officially launch the Fair Sewer Rates Coalition! Thanks to all who came out to support the action! Check out the summary and news media roundup here. 

  2. Write to the Hamilton County Commissioners using this action page. You can write an email or tweet to them, and edit the content as you see fit. The action takes two minutes, and we need to get as many messages to them as possible to push for immediate action to make sewer rates fair for everyone. 

RSVP for these important upcoming events:

  1. Many utilities across Ohio - including Duke Energy - resumed shutoffs in winter 2020. Duke Energy has shutoff 21,534 households from October 2020 through March of 2021 in its Ohio service area for an average of 3,589 homes per month! This Friday, June 25 at 8:30 PM, we're meeting at Fifth & Vine to light up Carew Tower with a message for Governor DeWine: Stop Utility Shutoffs! RSVP to join us this Friday, June 25 at the No Utility Shutoffs Light Action! Wear your CUFA shirts! 

  2. Next Thursday, July 1 from 6:30-8PM, we're educating ourselves on who is responsible for the stormwater runoff that contributes to sewer backups and damages to our homes and yards. We're hoping to find out who we can work with to come up with lasting solutions, since the rains have only been getting worse! RSVP here for the virtual event July 1: Stormwater Management 101. 

  3. And then for some fun! Thursday, July 8, Brink Brewing is hosting a CUFA Happy Hour from 5-8 PM to benefit our work. RVSP to join CUFA at Brink Brewing in College Hill July 8 here.

What's Happening This Week

Today is Child Tax Credit Awareness Day

On July 15, most families with parents will receive the Child Tax Credit.  These monthly direct cash payments are aimed at helping working families and middle-class families succeed.  Watch this video to learn more.

The Ohio Legislature has introduced bills to expand sewer assistance programs!

Under Ohio law, the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) can provide sewer bill assistance programs only for low-income seniors. CUFA has worked with Senator Cecil Thomas, and Representatives Catherine Ingram and Bill Seitz to get legislation introduced to expand allowable customer assistance to:

  • all seniors,
  • low- and moderate-income persons, and
  • people experiencing temporary hardships.

The legislation would allow MSD to expand assistance programs to help more people in Hamilton County struggling to afford the sewer portion of the water/sewer bill. This week, there will be bill sponsor hearings. Tell your legislators to pass it immediately!

Contact your state legislators today, and tell them to pass this bill immediately. You can email, tweet at or call them using this action page!


Other Important Information

Current COVID-hardship Assistance available through Job & Family Services & Community Action Agency

Here is the current CARES link for HCJFS: Apply for CARES Act Rent and Utility Assistance Program - Hamilton County Job & Family Services (hcjfs.org)

Here is the current CAA link for the CAA Home Relief Program: https://www.cincy-caa.org/what-we-do/supportive-services/caa-home-relief.html

Watch the June 3 "What Does Redistricting Have to Do With Me?"

In case you missed it, watch the Redistricting discussion here. CUFA hosted Common Cause Ohio Executive Director Catherine Turcer and Fair Districts Ohio Speakers' Bureau member Christine Carli of the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area to discuss this year's redistricting process.

Watch the May 6 Sewer Backup Program 101

In case you missed it, watch the Sewer Backup Program 101 here. CUFA's Sewer Justice Team hosted Legal Aid attorney Matt Fitzsimmons to summarize qualifications, outline MSD's legal responsibility, and cover some tips for getting the help you need from the MSD backup programs when the sewers fail.

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