Watch: SBU 101

Have you had a Sewer Backup? Did you get the help you needed to recover?  Under our sewer Consent Decree, the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is required to help victims of sewer backups that are the result of a lack of capacity in the sewers. Find the Consent Decree exhibits 6,7, and 8 that mandate the Sewer Backup Response (SBU) and Prevention Programs (SBUPP) programs here. Watch this virtual meeting to learn more about what MSD is required to do and how to navigate getting help through the program. CUFA's Sewer Justice Team hosted Legal Aid attorney Matt Fitzsimmons to summarize qualifications, outline MSD's legal responsibility, and cover some tips for getting the help you need from the MSD backup programs when the sewers fail.

Important information shared during the meeting: 


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