Watch: CUFA Town Hall: Relief for Rent, Mortgage, and Water Bills

Cincinnati, Ohio - In case you missed it: Watch the CUFA Town Hall with special guests from Legal Aid and our water and sewer utilities. 

Here is the full video. 

Did you lose your income because of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic?

If you are dealing with a possible eviction or foreclosure, call Legal Aid: (513) 241-9400

If you are having trouble keeping up with water and sewer bills, call Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW): (513) 591-7700
**If you are billed by your local municipality, and not GCWW, call the number on your bill. 

For more information about the Metropolitan Sewer District's (MSD) Customer Assistance Program for seniors: Visit MSD's website or contact the MSD CAP Manager, Ann Newsom, at (513) 244-5101 or [email protected].

To see if you qualify for assistance through Community Action Agency (CAA), call: (513) 569-1840, choose option 4. 

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