Week of May 11: CUFA Coronavirus Platform & Help Stop Massive Cuts

Even while our cities and states struggle to deal with the burden of the economic fallout from the pandemic, Congress is considering massive funding cuts to programs that support critical programs. We can't let them do that. Last week, CUFA adopted a CUFA Coronavirus Response Platform to make sure people can stay in their homes and stay connected to utilities.  Join us to take action.

Here are the top 3 actions you can take this week:

  1. Let's work together to build the world we envision in our CUFA Coronavirus Response Platform! Join us this week for one or both of these meetings: 

    RSVP here for our Housing Action Team: May 11 from 5:00-6:30PM 

    RSVP here for our Energy Action Team: May 14 from 5:00-6:30PM

  2. Invite a friend to join you at one of the above meetings. It will take all of us pushing together to win on the issues that matter to us the most. 
  3. Contact your legislators to tell them: we cannot allow you to cut critical funding for our states during a pandemic. See more below in the message from One Ohio Now.

What's happening this week: 

From One Ohio Now: 

Without federal action in the weeks ahead, there will likely be billions of dollars of cuts to vital health care programs, schools, and more in Ohio. 

You CAN make a difference on this! Take 2 minutes to send an email to your Congresspeople asking them to send relief ASAP.

We need to put people and communities first. Without federal action, the services Ohioans count on are in serious trouble.

We join a chorus of local, state, and national leaders calling on Congress to pass at least  $500 billion of relief for states so that people and communities get the support we need for our public schools and higher education institutions, libraries, mental health services, and much more. The wealthy and big corporations are lobbying hard, with millionaires receiving 80% of the benefits from one provision alone that will cost Americans $90 billion in 2020.That’s why we need you to speak up to ensure Ohioans and our communities aren’t left even further behind.

Click here to make your voice heard. It's simple and it matters.

We can get through this together and be stronger afterward, but we’ll have to speak up to make it happen!

Nick Bates
Budget & Tax Policy Director, One Ohio Now

Make sure you are counted in the Census! Federal funding and how much representation we get in Congress is determined by Census results, so help CUFA spread the word about the importance of filling it out. The Census is collecting responses over the phone or online. You can fill yours out here. 

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