Week of July 6: We (still) need a People's Bailout & CUFA Pop-Ed series

We're hearing more and more stories about the struggles in our communities to keep up with bills during this pandemic. That's why CUFA has joined People's Action's call for national People's Bailout. Learn more in this week's Activist Toolkit, and join the first session of CUFA's Popular Education series to engage in discussions about how we got here and how we can build the world we want to see together. 

Here are the top 3 actions you can take this week:

  1. Watch this video from People's Action calling for A People's Bailout and share on your social media.
  2. Join the virtual Political Education Training session on Tuesday, July 7th at 7:00 PM detailed below. The session will be about organizing for economic relief at the local level and how our local work connects to the national push for A People's Bailout.
  3. Register for the first session of CUFA's upcoming Popular Education Series on Racial Capitalism, a Long-term Agenda to build a Regenerative Economy, Healthcare For All, and a Homes Guarantee. Click here to learn more and register for the July 20 Racial Capitalism session.

What's happening this week:

Political Education Training: WHERE’S THE FIGHT? Connecting Organizing around Relief at Local, State and Federal Levels
We are all working hard to get our communities the support we need to weather the many crises we are facing today.  We have made real gains, winning unprecedented relief packages, but we all know that our people need more to combat the economic, health, racial, and political disparities we face. This session will give us some tools to think about connecting the campaigns we are running at the local and state levels to the federal level fight.  We’ll talk about the relief packages that have passed so far. We’ll dig into the relationship between federal and state funding to help us strategize about the role of federal-level fights in the coming months.

  • When: Tuesday, July 7th at 7pm EDT

  • Trainers: Harmony Golberg, Grassroots Policy Project ([email protected]); Shawn Sebastian, People’s Action ([email protected]

  • Join By Video: Zoom Video Link; Meeting ID: 811 1448 6541 

  • Join By Phone: +1-929-205-6099; Code: 811 144 86541# 

The Census is still happening! Make sure you are counted! Federal funding and how much representation we get in Congress is determined by Census results, so help CUFA spread the word about the importance of filling it out. The Census is collecting responses over the phone or online. You can fill yours out here. 

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