Week of July 20: Racial Capitalism, utility shutoffs, and People's Bailout

We're taking a deep dive into racism, classism and sexism this week with Nigel Tan from People's Action as he presents the first in our CUFA Popular Education Series this Monday, July 20 at 6:30 PM. And, we're calling on the Governor to stop utility shutoffs and our Senators for a People's Bailout. Check it out in this week's Activist Toolkit!

Here are the top 3 actions you can take this week:

  1. CUFA's Popular Education Series begins this Monday, July 20 with our session on Racial Capitalism! Check out the whole series here, register to attend virtually, and get flyers and links you can use to invite friends and family.
  2. Sign the petition to Tell Governor DeWine: Stop Utility Shutoffs! Then, call Gov. DeWine at 614-466-3555 to tell him: we can't catch up on utilities; don't let utilities shut us off until the pandemic is over and we have the assistance we need to get caught up. 

  3. With expanded unemployment benefits set to expire this week, looming evictions and foreclosures, and utility shutoffs on the horizon, Americans need a People's Bailout NOW. Take action with People's Action to call or write to your Senators today to tell them: we need relief now!

What's happening this week:

CUFA's Pop-Ed series kicks off with look at Racial Capitalism

Communities United For Action And People's Action will present a Popular Education series of virtual events to explore important topics as we organize for racial, social and economic justice July 20 - August 31. The events will be on Zoom and broadcast on Facebook Live. Each event is from 6:30-8:30 PM (EDT).

Find out more about the series here, download flyers to invite friends and family, and get registered to join us on Zoom for each session you'd like to attend. 

July 20: Racial Capitalism with Nigel Tann of People's Action.

August 3: Long-term Agenda: Regenerative Economy (Date subject to change)

August 17: Homes Guarantee with John Washington from People's Action.

August 31: Healthcare For All with Connie Hunyh of People's Action.

CUFA launching Energy Affordability campaign 

Ohio is still at near-record unemployment, and many are struggling to keep up on bills, even after returning to work. Governor DeWine must put Ohioans' health and needs over the profits of utility shareholders. Join us to push Dewine to stop utility shutoffs now, and to implement assistance programs statewide that will help people get current on utility bills. We must look toward a long-term agenda to make our energy clean and affordable for all, but right now, we need to make sure people continue to have access to these essential services.

Take Action for Energy Affordability!

Sign: This week, sign the petition to Gov. DeWine and share your story in the comments. We will share the petition with DeWine next week.

Call: Make a quick call to Gov. DeWine at 614-466-3555 to send a clear message: stop utility shutoffs now. You can use this short script below to make your call: 

"Hi, I'm [your name] from [your City]. I'm calling with Communities United For Action to deliver a message to Governor DeWine: we need him to stop utility shutoffs now until the pandemic is over and people have the help they need to catch up on utilities. We need the Governor to put the health and safety of Ohioans first, not the profits of utility companies."

Don't forget to tell your story on the call, especially if you or your loved ones are struggling to keep up bills.

***If you want to help us generate some calls to the Governor, join us on Zoom July 21 from 5:15 PM - 8:00 PM and we'll get you set up to phone canvass with us!***

The Census is still happening! Make sure you are counted!

Federal funding and how much representation we get in Congress is determined by Census results, so help CUFA spread the word about the importance of filling it out. The Census is collecting responses over the phone or online. You can fill yours out here. 

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