Week of April 6: People's Bailout

Congress has taken unprecedented action, passing three bills with historic price tags, to address the economic fallout from the coronavirus crisis. But have they done enough to help ordinary people? 

Top 3 actions you can take this week:

  1. CUFA and other groups across the nation are calling for a People's Bailout. Read the 5 principles here.
  2. Take action to tell your members of Congress we need a People's Bailout now, not more bailouts for the rich.
  3. Share the People's Bailout with friends and family.

What's happening this week: 

Government agencies and banks are scrambling to get relief to individuals and businesses qualified for assistance through the recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). See what's in the $2 Trillion bill here. 

CUFA is holding a weekly chat for members! This week, we are discussing what our communities need in this tumultuous time, and what changes must be made to ensure we care weather this pandemic. Members: Check your email for details on how to join the chat. 

If you haven't mailed the Board of Elections your application for an absentee ballot yet, time is running out! Your ballot must be postmarked by April 27 to count. Check out the details about the Ohio Primary election in last week's Activist Tool-kit. 

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