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Communities United For Action (CUFA) called for comprehensive sewer reform with its People’s Sewer Justice Platform to address the public health impact of the 11.5 billion gallons of untreated sewage and storm water that the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSD) releases into yards and waterways each year.

“Communities United For Action is releasing the People’s Sewer Justice Platform to provide solutions to public officials and administrators for some of the issues our communities are facing with our county-wide water and sewer system. The solutions require transparency, accountability, fiscal oversight and service to ratepayers,” said CUFA Board Member Erica Johnson.

CUFA believes that the people closest to the problem are closest to the solution. The People's Sewer Justice Platform is a culmination of the ideals for solutions from the communities that are most impacted by sewer backups and overflows and the lack of affordability.

The full platform can be found on CUFA's website here.


Communities United For Action is seeking organizational endorsements of the People's Sewer Justice Platform. Individuals can support CUFA's Sewer Justice Campaign in other ways. Please contact CUFA for questions: cufa@cufacincy.org or (513)853-3947
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