CUFA Popular Education Series July 20-Aug. 31

Cincinnati, Ohio - Communities United For Action And People's Action will present a Popular Education series of virtual events to explore important topics as we organize for racial, social and economic justice July 20 - August 31. The events will be on Zoom and broadcast on Facebook Live. Each event is from 6:30-8:30 PM (EDT).

July 20: Watch the Racial Capitalism discussion with Nigel Tann of People's Action.

Racism, classism and sexism are the root causes of all the issues we are organizing for, and the powers that be are committed to hiding that truth from us. If part of you disagrees with that statement then this is the right training for you. If you totally agree with that statement and struggle to communicate that truth to other people, then this is the right training for you. This training will lay out the relationship between those three systems and it will clarify where we as individuals fit in those systems. In the end you will walk away from this training seeing the world in a more comprehensive way and you will be more prepared to have conversations and develop strategies that build power to dismantle these systems.

August 3: Watch the Long-term Agenda: Regenerative Economy with Ben Ishibashi & Kaniela Ing of People's Action.

There are moments of clarity that allow for society to challenge popular thinking and status quo solutions. Within all the challenges that this pandemic has created, it has also revealed what is wrong with the extractive economy while showcasing the innate resilience, common care, and original wisdom that we hold as people. Environmental justice and frontline communities are all too familiar with crisis and systemic injustices and have long held solutions to what is needed to not only survive, but also thrive as a people, as a community, and as a global family. We cannot go back to how things were. We must move forward. We are at a critical moment to make a down payment on a Regenerative Economy, while laying the groundwork for preventing future crises.

Rescheduled to November 17: Watch the Homes Guarantee discussion with John Washington from People's Action.

America is experiencing a public health crisis. COVID-19 affects and will affect poor and working class community members the most. Rather than prioritizing public money on corporate bailouts, we can stand united with frontline communities to ensure our collective well-being through this crisis and rewrite the rules to build a healthier and stronger country for generations to come.

This crisis illuminates the need for a robust public sector that can guarantee housing as a right: a Homes Guarantee. Join CUFA and People's Action to discuss the national Homes Guarantee campaign and how it impacts our local work on Housing issues.

August 31: Watch Healthcare For All with Connie Huynh of People's Action.

Are you fed up with your prescription drug prices going up and up? Tired of living in fear that one medical emergency could wipe out your life savings? Us too. Health care is a human right, not a luxury good. That's why the People's Action grassroots organizing network is fighting for expanded and improved Medicare for All!

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