Doctors identify increased health risks for kids living nearby sewer overflows

Cincinnati, Ohio – Last Thursday, Communities United For Action (CUFA) hosted Children’s Hospital doctors doing ongoing research on child health disparities in Hamilton County.

Sewer overflows

In a first-of-its-kind study, Dr. Richard Brokamp identified a 20% increased risk for emergency room visits related to gastrointestinal issues for children living nearby sewer overflows. The study, covering 2010-2014, demonstrated increased risks for emergency room visits related to asthma and skin and soft tissue infections as well.

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CUFA wins commitments from Commissioners

Cincinnati, Ohio – Communities United For Action (CUFA) outlined commitments made by the Hamilton County Commissioners in their November 13 public meeting on sewers and today delivered a reminder of those commitments.

The Commissioners had committed to having an answer by the end of November on whether they would impose a moratorium on water shutoffs until a Customer Assistance Program is in place, but did not have the topic on the agenda for their meeting today. Instead, Commissioners committed to $15 million for infrastructure for FC Cincinnati.


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