CUFA Opinion: "Smart government engages taxpayers to solve issues"

Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, Communities United For Action's editorial on requiring public engagement with our communities was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

CUFA Board President Clark Beck says, "Cincinnati and Hamilton County leaders must require public engagement on all major infrastructure and development projects using public resources or tax incentives. Residents are the best experts on the issues facing their neighborhoods. Public officials and government agencies benefit from our expertise, and early, meaningful public engagement saves valuable public resources.

Smart government engages taxpayers to develop solutions to our concerns."

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County passes MSD 2021 Budget

Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County Commissioners approved a $222,787,843 Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) 2021 Operating Budget today by unanimous vote. Commissioners also unanimously approved an MSD Capital Improvement Program for 2021-2025 totaling $123,355,800. The County held hearings on MSD's proposed budget on December 3 and 10, but did not share the final budget up for a vote with the public until the public meeting began today. CUFA is awaiting documents from the County detailing what changes were made to MSD's original proposal.

The highlight: for the sixth consecutive year, there will be no new sewer rate increases. 

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County task force inching toward sewer rate changes

Cincinnati, Ohio - Communities United For Action and its allies are appointed to a Impervious Surface Fee (ISF) Stakeholder Working Group initiated by the Hamilton County Commissioners in 2019 to make recommendations on sewer rate restructuring. Hamilton County appointed two working groups: one with governmental agencies, and one with "stakeholders," ranging from community groups to parking lot owners. On December 10, the "stakeholder" group met to discuss the framework under which changes to sewer rates and stormwater management services may be made. 

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CUFA Delivers Letters For Gov. DeWine, Calls for Reinstatement of Utility Shut-Off Moratorium

Cincinnati, Ohio - Yesterday, Communities United For Action delivered 147 letters and a petition for Gov. DeWine to end utility shutoffs to the Hamilton County Board of Health. Health Commissioner Greg Kesterman committed to getting our letters to the Governor.

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CUFA Victory! Water bill forgiveness for COVID hardship accepting applications!

Cincinnati, Ohio - Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) is now accepting applications for their water and stormwater bill forgiveness program!

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Watch: CUFA Pop-Ed Series | Homes Guarantee

America is experiencing a public health crisis. COVID-19 affects and will affect poor and working class community members the most. Rather than prioritizing public money on corporate bailouts, we can stand united with frontline communities to ensure our collective well-being through this crisis and rewrite the rules to build a healthier and stronger country for generations to come.

This crisis illuminates the need for a robust public sector that can guarantee housing as a right: a Homes Guarantee. Watch CUFA and People's Action discuss the national Homes Guarantee campaign and how it impacts our local work on Housing issues.

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Watch: CUFA Candidate Forum | Hamilton County Commissioners

Cincinnati, Ohio - Yesterday, Communities United For Action hosted candidates for the two Hamilton County Commissioner seats up for election on November 3. 

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Greater Cincinnati Water Works to offer relief on water bills amid pandemic

Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, Mayor Cranley, Greater Cincinnati Water Works and the Cincinnati City Manager announced a delinquent water bill forgiveness program offering relief to low-income customers amid the coronavirus pandemic. Communities United For Action (CUFA) spoke in support of the program. Wanda Ball, CUFA Member said of the program, "Water is essential to life. [...] We want to encourage MSD and the Hamilton County Commissioners to follow the lead of the Mayor and initiate a program where your sewer portion may also be forgiven."

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CUFA Members Circle Statehouse Calling for End to Utility Shutoffs

On Saturday, 11 CUFA Members joined Ohio Citizen Action and allies to for the #NoShutoffs Car Rally in Columbus. Check out the video and pictures of the rally here, and take action: 

Call Gov. DeWine at 614-466-3555 or 614-644-4357 to tell him: we can't catch up on utilities; don't let utility companies shut us off until the pandemic is over and we have the assistance we need to get caught up.

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County Considers Sewer Rate Changes

On September 23, Communities United For Action (CUFA), the Sierra Club and League of Women Voters (LWV) attended the first meeting of an Impervious Surface Fee Stakeholder group created by the Hamilton County Commissioners in an October 24, 2019 resolution, "for establishing such an impervious surface fee." The 2019 resolution established an Agency Task Force as well, and was the Hamilton County Commissioners response to CUFA and its allies demanding comprehensive restructuring of sewer rates and expansion of customer assistance programs to ensure equitability for all ratepayers. 

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