Watch: What does Redistricting have to do with me?

Cincinnati, Ohio - CUFA hosted Common Cause Ohio Executive Director Catherine Turcer and Fair Districts Ohio Speakers' Bureau member Christine Carli of the League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area to discuss this year's redistricting. Ohio voters overwhelmingly approved two ballot issues to change the way our state and congressional districts are drawn. This year, Ohio redraws the lines. How do the ballot issues change the process for mapping Ohio's districts? How might it impact our votes? Learn more and discuss redistricting in this CUFA Popular Education event. 

RSVP here for CUFA's Follow-Up Discussion on Redistricting: What are CUFA's next steps to make redistricting fair?

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CUFA Supports Issue 3


26,000 families and individuals in Cincinnati need an affordable place to live.  CUFA is supporting Issue 3 on the May 4 ballot to provide a funding source for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Voting "yes" will fill our housing gap and does not call for cutting other budgets.

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Watch CUFA Town Hall: Navigating Housing & Utility Assistance

Cincinnati, Ohio - Thursday, March 4, Communities United For Action hosted speakers from local utilities and agencies to talk about available assistance programs and how to apply. Watch here:

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Gov. DeWine response to CUFA letters on utility shutoffs

Cincinnati, Ohio - Communities United for Action members and supporters wrote 147 letters to Governor DeWine, asking him to end utility shutoffs until the pandemic is over. The Hamilton County Board of Health delivered the letters to Gov. DeWine's office. Here is the response we received today from the Governor's Office: 

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CUFA Victory! Relief is on the way for Muddy Creek Rd. sewer backup victims

Cincinnati, Ohio - WCPO's Mariel Carbone reports, "The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati has been awarded a grant to demolish 35 flood-prone properties near Muddy Creek in Green Township and Cincinnati."


"The homes in question have been prone to flooding and sewer backup issues for years, and homeowners have volunteered to sell their properties to MSD, a decision that's come as a relief for some.

"'It'll be great...Not be worrying, yeah,' said Robert Buckner, a homeowner in Green Township participating in the program."

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Work begins to replace sewage-spewing Upper Muddy Creek pipe

Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, work will begin along Muddy Creek between Devils Backbone and Sidney roads to replace a large section of the Upper Muddy Creek Interceptor, a pipeline that conveys untreated sewage to the Metropolitan Sewer District's (MSD) Muddy Creek Wastewater Treatment facility.

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CUFA Opinion: "Smart government engages taxpayers to solve issues"

Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, Communities United For Action's editorial on requiring public engagement with our communities was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

CUFA Board President Clark Beck says, "Cincinnati and Hamilton County leaders must require public engagement on all major infrastructure and development projects using public resources or tax incentives. Residents are the best experts on the issues facing their neighborhoods. Public officials and government agencies benefit from our expertise, and early, meaningful public engagement saves valuable public resources.

Smart government engages taxpayers to develop solutions to our concerns."

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County passes MSD 2021 Budget

Cincinnati, Ohio - Hamilton County Commissioners approved a $222,787,843 Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) 2021 Operating Budget today by unanimous vote. Commissioners also unanimously approved an MSD Capital Improvement Program for 2021-2025 totaling $123,355,800. The County held hearings on MSD's proposed budget on December 3 and 10, but did not share the final budget up for a vote with the public until the public meeting began today. CUFA is awaiting documents from the County detailing what changes were made to MSD's original proposal.

The highlight: for the sixth consecutive year, there will be no new sewer rate increases. 

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County task force inching toward sewer rate changes

Cincinnati, Ohio - Communities United For Action and its allies are appointed to a Impervious Surface Fee (ISF) Stakeholder Working Group initiated by the Hamilton County Commissioners in 2019 to make recommendations on sewer rate restructuring. Hamilton County appointed two working groups: one with governmental agencies, and one with "stakeholders," ranging from community groups to parking lot owners. On December 10, the "stakeholder" group met to discuss the framework under which changes to sewer rates and stormwater management services may be made. 

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CUFA Delivers Letters For Gov. DeWine, Calls for Reinstatement of Utility Shut-Off Moratorium

Cincinnati, Ohio - Yesterday, Communities United For Action delivered 147 letters and a petition for Gov. DeWine to end utility shutoffs to the Hamilton County Board of Health. Health Commissioner Greg Kesterman committed to getting our letters to the Governor.

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