CUFA Membership Promotion

Cincinnati, Ohio - CUFA is discounting memberships now through June 30th! Help us build the power we need to win social, economic and environmental justice. Watch Board Members Willie Hopkins and Elder Donell Raglin talk about CUFA's limited-time Membership discount on out YouTube channel below.

Depending on whether you want a CUFA tee or not, follow the links below to join today: 
Memberships only: 
Through June 30, 2020, CUFA is discounting individual membership dues from $10 per year to $5 per year. Organizations can join by donating $35 or more. Go here to donate for membership only:
Tee-shirt pre-order: 
If you want to get a CUFA Tee-shirt + membership ($16 for both), or your membership is current and you want a tee-shirt only ($12), go here to donate:

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