CUFA releases COVID-19/Coronavirus Platform

Cincinnati, Ohio - Everyone in our community has been affected by either the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic or the economic fallout. To recover from these events, we will need help from government, businesses and our neighbors.  We need immediate help now, but we also need to seize this moment to build the community we want after the crisis is over.  We know that some decision-makers are already using the COVID-19 crisis to enrich themselves and further take advantage of low-wage workers and communities of color.  On Tuesday, CUFA Members voted on a Coronavirus/COVID-19 Platform to advance a more just society. 

Healthcare For All

Everyone should have access to healthcare, regardless of race, employment status, or ability to pay. We support government-sponsored healthcare for all.

Livable Wages

Every worker should make a living wage. Workers should be compensated appropriately for the services they provide to contribute to our economy and our society as a whole. Workers who work in hazardous conditions are entitled to hazard pay.

Homes Guarantee

Everyone needs a stable home to live in. We support moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures. We need assistance to help renters pay back rent and requirements for lenders to work with all homeowners to avoid foreclosure.  

Water Is A Human Right

Water is essential for all life.  We support an immediate, statewide extension of the moratorium on water shutoffs. We need programs that will forgive arrearages for back bills for those experiencing financial or other hardships. We support local assistance programs for low-income residents and financially disadvantaged people. 

Sewer Justice

The City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County must immediately restructure our sewer rates to end discounts to commercial and industrial users and to charge all sewer customers the same rate. Ohio’s General Assembly should immediately expand the 

authority of county sewer districts to implement Customer Assistance Programs for all low-income ratepayers, persons with disabilities, all seniors and landlords that house a majority of low-income renters. 

Infrastructure Funding

We need immediate federal and state funding for sewer and wastewater improvements to alleviate the cost burden on local ratepayers and to provide living wage jobs to local residents. 

Energy Affordability

We support a statewide moratorium on energy shutoffs. We need programs that will forgive arrearages for back bills for those experiencing financial or other hardships. We strongly advocate for funding weatherization programs for low-income residents. 

Download the CUFA Platform Coronavirus Response here.

Sign on to support the platform here. 


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