CUFA circles City Hall to deliver Sewer Justice Petition to Mayor

Cincinnati, Ohio - Today, Communities United For Action delivered our Unsafe Inside Sewer Justice petition to the Mayor and City Council by circling City Hall with a car rally. The building is closed to visitors, and Mayor Cranley would not come out to accept the petition. The Unsafe Inside petition demands the Mayor, Cincinnati City Council and Hamilton County Commissioners focus on improving the Sewer Backup Response and Prevention Programs - particularly where residents have experienced repeated sewer backups.  

One signer, Robert Buckner of Muddy Creek says, "We want MSD to buy us out like they said they would. My wife has severe COPD suffers from anxiety, I am diabetic, have heart issues and these floods have caused us constant stress every time it rains, and my wife is up all night constantly checking on the basement." 

Elder Donell Raglin delivered the petition to security officials after attempting to get the Mayor or someone from his office to come outside to accept the 

Communities United For Action said, "After a week filled with rain and anxiety for people who have experienced multiple sewer backups, we rallied in our cars around City Hall today to deliver you a message: we need you to focus on improving the Sewer Backup Response and Prevention Programs." 


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