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CUFA's Response to the Pandemic

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, CUFA adopted a platform to push for a just recovery.

We support a statewide moratorium on energy shutoffs. We need programs that will forgive arrearages for back bills for those experiencing financial or other hardships. We strongly advocate for funding weatherization programs for low-income residents. 

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Communities United For Action is asking Gov. DeWine to end utility shut-offs until the COVID pandemic is over and people can access assistance to catch up on utilities. He issued moratoriums in the beginning of the pandemic, but quietly let them expire. Many utilities across Ohio - including Duke Energy - resumed shutoffs in winter 2020. Duke Energy has shutoff 21,534 households from October 2020 through March of 2021 in its Ohio service area for an average of 3,589 homes per month. 

TAKE ACTION: Write a brief email or tweet at the Governor on this action page to tell him why he needs to help people keep their water, gas, electricity and internet on. 

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