Week of Oct. 26: CUFA Candidate Forum, Fair Sewer Rates & VOTE!

Election day is fast approaching, but that's not all. Elections come and go, but our ongoing and important work on fair housing, sewer justice, and affordable utilities demand perseverance to win. Come hear what County Commissioner candidates have to say on each of our issues, and join our fight for fair sewer rates this week.

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Week of Oct. 19: Housing, HamCo Commissioners & Game Night!

This week, let's talk Housing! Join us for our Housing Action Team this Tuesday, October 20th and register for two upcoming CUFA events: Game Night, and the CUFA Candidate Forum!

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Week of Oct. 12: Voting Info, Candidate Forum + Energy Team

This week, we're focused on getting out the vote and stopping utility shutoffs! We'll be hosting candidates for Hamilton County Commissioner Oct. 29. Take action to help us end shutoffs by calling Gov. DeWine and joining us at our (virtual) Energy Affordability Action Team this Tuesday.

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Week of Oct. 5: Last day to register + we still need another stimulus

Take action this week to make our democracy work.

TODAY IS THE DEADLINE to register to vote.  

Make sure the people we elect are working for us by supporting the HEROES Act.

Learn from other leaders around the country by attending the Living Room Leadership session.

Mark Your Calendar for CUFA's first virtual game night, October 24, 6:30 p.m. $10 admission.  Buy your tickets here


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Week of Sept. 28: Stop the Nominee, Stop the Shutoffs and WIN Sewer Justice!

This week, take a few short minutes to contact our Senators, Gov. DeWine and join CUFA Saturday to learn more about how we are pushing for Sewer Justice.

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Week of Sept. 21: What's your plan for voting?

This week, we have gathered everything you need to make sure you are registered to vote and have a plan for voting in the November 3 General Election. Then, we're heading to Columbus on Saturday to tell our elected leaders: #NoShutoffs of our utilities in the pandemic! 

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Activist Toolkit Sept 14: Housing Meeting, Utility Shutoff Action & Let's THRIVE!

This week, CUFA is taking action to ensure everyone has housing and utilities, and we are looking ahead to the future: how do we build an economy where everyone can THRIVE? 

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Week of Sept. 8: Faith Communities Go Green & Green Umbrella talks affordable housing

This is energy week!  Join CUFA's energy team on Thursday night.  Register for a couple of upcoming events around housing and environmental justice hosted by our friends at Green Umbrella. Find the details and make your plan for voting in this week's Activist Toolkit.

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Week of August 31: (Today) Healthcare For All Pop-Ed session & Stopping utility shutoffs

Are you concerned about Healthcare access and affordability? Join CUFA and Connie Huynh of People's Action Monday at 6:30PM in CUFA's Popular Education session: Healthcare For All. Find out more about this and CUFA's efforts to stop utility shutoffs in this week's Activist Toolkit. 

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Week of August 24: Housing and Healthcare are human rights

CUFA's Coronavirus Response Platform is simple: Housing, Healthcare, Clean water, Affordable Utilities and Livable Wages must be guaranteed for ALL. These are the basic necessities of life, and in this crisis, we must work to ensure we will never be denied them again. Read more and sign onto our platform in this week's Activist Tool-kit.

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