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    Communities United For Action truly lives out their commitment to the people of Cincinnati as well as being a supporter of like organizations throughout our United States. CUFA has been a supportive family of citizens proving that “We, the people” are diverse in our ethnicity, race, culture, gender yet we strive and rise together. CUFA has also been there to uplift many leaders locally, state-wide and even in Washington as long as they are looking out for “We, the people”. CUFA Leadership and supporters, I THANK EACH OF YOU for your commitment to take action and make it happen on our “Citizens across the country’s” behalf. Many more years of success and blessings – TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!
    Marcia M. Battle!

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    Regarding moratorium on evictions and disconnection of utilities:

    As we create talking points and a plan to present to Governor Mike Dewine, I believe it is important to tell him we’re not just asking for a hand out. We should show him and his supporters CUFA is working hand and hand with those in need to help educate them how to better prioritize and manage their livelihood.

    I’m not sure how my statement comes across, however I believe in order to stress the point that using this opportunity to help those who are in crisis will be much more powerful with personal testimonies as well as putting faces with those who are striving to do better but have these roadblocks and obstacles hindering their stability and advancement.

    I have traveled this road and although not an easy journey, it proved to be true with the support of CUFA and other hands on programs, I have become more stable financially, in housing, and most importantly in my career.

    I believe I am asking that we not only send letters, but we create a digital video that puts faces and testimonies out there to be shared. I know we need to show those less fortunate who are struggling another way to manage day to day. {As they are bleeding and asking for help, we should provide the bandage(s) necessary AND show them the importance of doing the surgery (work) to reach the next level in becoming self sufficient or revamping their situation amidst corona virus era.}

    Governor Dewine and his supporters no doubt want to know if they invest what is their gain. (1) They would have done the right thing (personal satisfaction). (2) Ohio will have less homeless families

    (3) Ohio will create a better and more inclusive community. (4) Ohio can show that we believe, through our actions, Black lives matter as well as those disenfranchised of any race. (5) Ohio will create a model for the country which shows Ohio cares about the livelihood all its citizens.

    CUFA thank you for all you have done in our city, state and across our country. I hope I am able to help in these efforts.

    {Mary, whatever doesn’t make sense; fix it for me please :-)) :-} haha

    I love you all