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  • signed Support the "People's Sewer Justice Platform" 2021-04-23 04:24:29 -0400
    I have back up problems when we have bad rain storms. My basement floods and my backyard becomes a river. We have had the city out here alot of us neighbors did because we flooded and they wouldn’t do anything. I’m a senior and on disability and I can’t afford to fix this on my on and pay high price on sewage.

    Support the "People's Sewer Justice Platform"

    I support Communities United For Action’s “People’s Sewer Justice Platform” as a solution for systemic changes that will force the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) to be open, transparent and accountable to ratepayers.

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    I support CUFA’s platform recommendations for the City of Cincinnati and the Board of Hamilton County Commissioners to:            

    • Stop government waste and delays for fixing our sewers;                                         
    • Involve ratepayers and impacted communities in decision-making;
    • Systematically incorporate public accountability and transparency mechanisms, such as independent auditing and open public reporting on Project Groundwork and the Sewer Backup Response and Prevention Programs;
    • Develop cohesive, effective stormwater management and responsible development policies; and
    • Make our sewer rates affordable and equitable for everyone.
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