In our 35 years, CUFA has accomplished a lot.  Behind each victory is a story of how people came together to make a difference. Contact us to learn more.

In the spotlight

  • October 2014: CUFA hosted a public meeting with almost 100 CUFA members, leaders and friends in attendance to win agreements from Hamilton County Commissioners Todd Portune and Chris Monzel about lower sewer rates! Read more.
  • March 2014: CUFA organized to expand the Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Ordinance for the city of Cincinnati. Read more.

CUFA Wins!

  • Environmental Victories: CUFA has closed a polluting landfill, prevented a mass burn incinerator from being built, pushed for the the Cincinnati curbside recycling program, advocated for the Environmental Justice Ordinance to be passed and more.
  • Economic Victories: CUFA has negotiated Community Reinvestment Agreements with several banks, led the charge on utility reform, pushed for foreclosure prevention funding and better lending polices, and more.