Communities United for Action has a long history of organizing to create safe, stable and healthy neighborhoods. From fighting for the protections subsidized housing residents to negotiating community reinvestment money, CUFA has always been focused on improving Cincinnati’s quality of life. Visit our Victories page to find out about our accomplishments in this area.

Our current campaign: Vacant housing

youth-1The foreclosure crisis left many Cincinnati neighborhoods with a stock of vacant housing. The majority of these homes did not sell and remained with the bank or servicer who filed the foreclosure. When concerned citizens noticed properties falling into neglect, there was no system of maintenance or accountability.

CUFA brought together neighborhood leaders and City officials to address the problem and was successful at getting the Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Ordinance passed in Cincinnati.  This ordinance has resulted in a reduction in neglected, vacant properties and has given neighborhoods a method for getting action on vacant buildings. Click here to find out more about this CUFA victory.

CUFA continues to work to get rid of vacant properties in our communities.  Join us as we to develop solutions to code enforcement, safety and disinvestment. Together, we can make a difference in fighting blight and addressing vacant housing in Cincinnati!

CUFA has:

  • Trained 120 people from 26 neighborhoods to use and enforce the Vacant Foreclosed Residential Property Ordinance
  • Met with Ed Cunningham from the City of Cincinnati and won a pledge to work with CUFA on addressing the worst vacant properties in each neighborhood. Find Out More.
  • Created a new partnership with Citizens on Patrol
  • Met with Council Member Sittenfeld to support his new motion to close loopholes in the law. Find Out More.

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