County Commissioners Commit to Work for Lower Sewer Rates and More

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“Worker Bees” Cheer to Raise Money for CUFA

Close to twenty CUFA leaders, family, friends and supporters gathered last Saturday, October 11th at the Queen Bee Half Marathon to volunteer and cheer on the swarm of runners. As a charity partner, CUFA received a donation for providing a team to help at the event. After some coffee & donuts, everyone had fun shouting […]

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Insight from Xavier University Student Intern

Read insights on community organizing from Genevieve Hager, a CUFA summer intern from Xavier University.

Viewing and doing the impossible.

My grandfather once told my mother, “if it’s impossible, it will just take a little longer to accomplish.”

I hold this quote close to my heart not only because it was my grandfather who said it, but also […]

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CUFA President Marilyn Evans interviewed about CUFA’s environmental organizing

Earlier this month, the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change released a resource that includes an interview with CUFA’s very own President, Marilyn Evans. The Prezi presentation, “From St. Francis to Pope Francis to YOU! Creating a Climate for Solidarity” is available here. Or, click here to skip straight to what Marilyn had to say about […]

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Showdown in Ohio! CUFA tells Chase Bank to Fix Their Mess

On May 16, over thirty members of Communities United for Action traveled to Columbus to tell JPMorgan Chase shareholders, board members, and CEO that working families would no longer pay for the financial crisis created by Chase and other big banks. CUFA joined National People’s Action and other community groups and unions to build a […]

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Make history with CUFA: Donate to our first EVER annual campaign!


CUFA has been busy the past couple of months training new leaders, meeting with influential politicians and knocking on  doors in inspire more people to take action

We’ve trained over 80 Cincinnati residents on how to use the Vacant Foreclosed Property Ordinance in their community to clean up vacant buildings and hold owners accountable.

We’ve met with […]

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CUFA works to stop high sewer bills and sewage overflows

CUFA members are concerned with high sewer bills and are worried about water and raw sewage in their basements.

The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) is spending $3.2 billion on Project Groundwork. This project is designed to stop sewage overflows and clean up our rivers and streams. Hamilton County’s sewer system is almost 100 years old, and […]

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CUFA Meets with US Congressman Steve Chabot

On June 3rd US Congressman Steve Chabot met at CUFA’s offices to discuss our concerns about foreclosures, high sewer bills and sewerage overflows.

On Tuesday, CUFA met with Representative Steve Chabot in South Cumminsville to present information about the issues that impact our lives. Local leaders addressed issues surrounding the Metropolitan Sewer District such as sewerage […]

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Health Department Does Study on Health Disparity

Study Shows Which Areas Have Highest Mortality Rates
Preventable Illness Among Leading Causes Of Death
A new report gives some perspective to the quality of life in various parts of Cincinnati.

Areas such as Price Hill and Avondale have higher mortality rates than areas such as Mount Adams and Hyde Park, according to the study conducted by the […]

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Expansion of Vacant Foreclosed Property Plan to All 52 Neighborhoods

Victory for CUFA!

Program requires lenders to register and maintain property

P.G. Sittenfeld states potential fees and fines could be a revenue generator.

For over a year, CUFA has been pushing for the expansion of the Vacant Foreclosed Property Program from the 5 pilot neighborhoods to all 52 neighborhoods in the City of Cincinnati. On Wednesday, March 11th, […]

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Mourning the Loss of Frankie Ferguson

Frankie Ferguson, a long time activist and CUFA member, passed away on Saturday, March 26, 2011.  Frankie devoted her life to her community and was a fierce advocate for tenant’s rights, environmental justice, and youth. Frankie was a fixture in the community of Millvale, where she had been the President of the Tenant Council for […]

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National People’s Action

March 5th through the 7th, community leaders from Communities United For Action attended the National People’s Action leadership conference in Washington D.C. CUFA leaders took action on issues involving financial reform, immigration, and foreclosure.

Pictures are available here.

Check out their website to learn more about People’s Action’s campaign to hold banks accountable!

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Remembering David Crowley

On January 16, 2011 former Vice Mayor David Crowley passed away.  Vice Mayor Crowley was a dedicated public servant and a great friend to low-income and marginilized communities in Cincinnati.

Vice Mayor Crowley was the greatest proponent of the Environmental Justice Ordinance and without his help, it would have never been discussed at City Council, least […]

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Slovak Republic Officials Visit CUFA

CUFA Hosts International Officials

Officials from the Slovak Republic came to CUFA on March 16th to hear from CUFA leaders about their grassroots environmental work. The officials were part of a US State Department Global Ambassador Program.

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CMHA Board Member Arnold Barnett Resigns

CMHA Board Member Arnold Barnett resigned his position on the board on Thursday, August 19th.  Barnett’s resignation was part of an agreement between HUD and CMHA. Barnett was the central figure in the complaints against CMHA and HUD’s investigation. With Barnett off the board HUD will close their current investigation.  Read the story from the […]

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CUFA Receives EPA Environmental Justice Grant!

CUFA has received an Environmental Justice grant from the US EPA to do community education and engagement around the issue of air quality!

The project will involve educating neighborhood leaders on air quality issues and the adverse health effects associated with air pollution. Community leaders will also work with eighth grade classes — educating them about […]

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CUFA Executive Director Testifies at Public Hearing on CRA

CUFA Executive Director Marilyn Evans testified on July 15, 2010 at the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) hearings on the Community Reinvestment Act, or CRA.

From the FDIC’s Website — “The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and […]

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CMHA Commissioner Resigns in Protest

Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Commissioner John Rosenberg resigned on Monday saying the Board of Commissioners has become a “fundamentally dysfunctional body.” Mr. Rosenberg outlined several of his concerns  in a letter to City Manager Milton Dohoney.

CUFA’s Subsidized Housing Committee, made up of public and subsidized housing residents, is disappointed to see Mr. Rosenberg go – […]

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CUFA Youth Summer Program Has Officially Begun!

CUFA Youth Summer Program Will Run June-August

The CUFA Youth Council’s summer youth employment leadership program is officially under way. As a partner site to the Community Action Agency, CUFA is able to employ 13 youth ages 14-17 for the summer.  This summer the youth will be kept busy with beautification projects around their neighborhood, leadership […]

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Showdown on K Street

Leaders from Communities United For Action traveled to Washington D.C. to take part in the Showdown on K Street May 15-17th. Thousands of community leaders from across the country met in D.C. to expose big bank lobbyists who are taking over our democracy.

Read more about it at

Check out some videos from the actions on […]

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