DSC_0426Marilyn Evans, the Executive Director and founder of CUFA, has shaped both local and national policies for over 30 years. Marilyn has been organizing in Cincinnati for over 30 years. She helped found Communities United For Action in 1980.

Marilyn is the Board President for the National Training and Information Center, a national organizing and training center for grassroots community organizations. She is also the President of the South Cumminsville Community Council and sits on the board of the South Cumminsville Citizens United for Better Housing.

Marilyn’s early organizing efforts helped to successfully pass the Community Reinvestment Act which made red-lining illegal. Under her direction, CUFA continues to fight for equal housing rights today by fighting against predatory lending and ensuring neighborhood input in housing proposals such as the Neighborhood Stabilization program.

Marilyn has also been a strong advocate for putting communities first when it comes to pollution. CUFA’s early environmental organizing in Winton Hills closed landfills that were harmful to the community’s health. Marilyn continues to lead the fight for environmentally-friendly industry through the Environmental Justice Ordinance which CUFA is working to pass in Cincinnati.

Under Marilyn’s efforts, CUFA was able to create a utilities program for low-income residents who are unable to pay the full amount for gas and electric, PIPP. CUFA was also able to get Cincinnati Gas and Electric to forgive PIPP arrearages and continues to work to make utilities affordable for all people.

Marilyn works hard for youth opportunities, such as youth jobs and youth programs to foster healthy development for all children.