Communities United for Action (CUFA) is a multi-issue, grassroots organizations that brings diverse people together to affect change. CUFA trains low and moderate-income citizens to see that change is possible by participating fully in civic life and by influencing public policy and business practices impacting their communities. Throughout our 35-year history, we have built relationships with government, business, and non-profit organizations to improve the quality of life in greater Cincinnati.

Visit Our Victories page to see what CUFA has accomplished since 1980.

Communities United For Action is a member of theĀ National People’s Action, a network of metropolitan, regional and statewide organizations that build grassroots power to advance racial and economic justice.

We win because we take action. Visit our Campaigns page to see what we’re working on now, then check out Get Involved to see how you can join our movement.

Our motto is: “Together, we can make a difference!”