Cincinnati, Ohio – Last Tuesday, grassroots democracy triumphed over bureaucracy.

CUFA leaders hosted a meeting with all three Hamilton County Commissioners, packed the room and pushed the commissioners to make our sewer bills affordable and to help the victims of sewer overflows.

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“My basement has flooded three times,” said one Bond Hill resident. “Why can’t I get any help for a problem I didn’t create?”

CUFA members like this resident learn how to gain power through numbers and to solicit direct answers from public officials.  On Tuesday, CUFA leaders used these strong tactics to extract the following commitments from the commissioners:

 A freeze on sewer rates until we have an assistance program to help people afford their bills
 An audit of MSD’s Sewer Backup Response Program
 A process for public comment for Phase II of repairing the sewer system
 A commitment to develop a Customer Assistance Program with community input

These results were only made possible through the hard work of CUFA leaders who pushed our elected officials to make the commitments. 

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Mary, Alison and the CUFA team