Cincinnati, Ohio – Communities United For Action (CUFA) pushed for – and won – a meeting with all three Hamilton County Commissioners.

CUFA has held public meetings with each of the commissioners.  In the last of the meetings with the newest Commissioner Denise Driehaus, Robert Miles, deceased Board Member of CUFA and sewer backup victim, invited all three commissioners to come to a public meeting hosted by CUFA. The topics were to include: their plan for dealing with the county’s vacant properties and for fixing the sewers. Driehaus told us to come down to the County Building instead.

On September 13, members of CUFA’s committees on the environment and vacant properties shared their stories at the Board’s public hearing, delivering a formal invitation to meet with CUFA. All three commissioners agreed and committed to scheduling a date. CUFA set a deadline of September 20.

Speakers at the Commission’s regular public meetings are limited to two minutes each. CUFA member Wanda Ball, in her appeal for the meeting, said, “Two minutes isn’t enough time to have a discussion about all of our issues and concerns.”

CUFA committee members testifying at the hearing asked Commissioners to commit to a fair housing court that works for all and helps our neighborhoods thrive. Others asked for MSD’s Sewer Backup Response program to stop denying claims for property damages that are due to sewer capacity issues. We want to see a plan for how the sewers will be fixed that includes green infrastructure, local jobs and fair rates. We want a Customer Assistance Program, like all other major metro areas in Ohio.

When the commissioners hadn’t scheduled a date in ten days, CUFA sent an email questioning whether they had intended to follow through to schedule the meeting. CUFA’s People & Planet Committee members were all included in the email. Commissioners finally responded. The date is November 13.

Join CUFA; help us get some answers.

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