Cincinnati – On August 10, Communities United For Action (CUFA) will hold A Public Forum for MSD Accountability at North Church on Hamilton Avenue in Northside.

CUFA has been working to hold the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) acceptable to ratepayers, calling on the public agency to:

1) Make our rates fair and affordable;
2) Resolve sewer overflows and backups using cost-effective green infrastructure;
3) Hire locally to fix the problems; and
4) Help MSD customers suffering from backups in the meantime.

We’ve successfully beat back TWO rate increases and secured a commitment to an assistance program to help people afford their bills.

But there’s more work to be done. CUFA recently uncovered documents revealing that thousands of Hamilton County residents are being left holding the bill when the sewers backup and overflow for cleanup and property damage. We have yet to see their plan for “Phase II,” where the bulk of the work will be done to resolve the sewage overflows. And we’re hearing MSD officials tout numbers like 15 BILLION, 30 BILLION and 1000% rate increases to fix the problem. Who can afford? Aren’t there cheaper solutions that will create good, local jobs in green infrastructure?

Join CUFA at the North Church August 10. Tell us your story. Help us get accountability. And never forget – MSD works for us.

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