Cincinnati – Today, Communities United For Action (CUFA) held a public conversation at Golden Leaf Baptist Church in College Hill about sewer rate affordability and developing an assistance program to help people afford their sewer bills.

Hamilton County is the only metropolitan area in Ohio that does not currently have a water or sewer  assistance program for ratepayers struggling to afford their bills.

On the lack of a program here, CUFA member Rev. Sil Watkins said, “It’s a shame you have to push for politicians to do the right thing, but that’s the reality.”

CUFA board member Robert Miles noted at the forum that sewer rates are the vast majority of the bill residents receive from Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

Miles said our sewer rates have increased 173% in the last ten years, asking attendees, “how many of your incomes have gone up that much in the last ten years? Anybody?” No one raised their hand.

CUFA participated in the Rate Accountability Task Force, which made its final recommendations in May of 2016. Among those recommendations was a call for the development of a program that would help low-income residents and people experiencing economic hardships.

Now, as Hamilton County’s planning department begins developing the program, it’s imperative that they hear from residents who need it. 

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