March 25 flyer

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This Saturday, March 25, CUFA is holding its board election – an event that happens only once every three years. If your membership is current (or you want to get current), help us choose our governing board! We’ll also be hosting a special guest speaker from Black Lives Matter: Cincinnati. RSVP and share the event here!

CUFA is a member and board-driven community group. That means you are our team and we work on the things you are concerned about – like affordable utilities, decent housing and thriving neighborhoods that are for everybody. You’ve helped us make significant progress toward those goals and for that, we thank you!

Saturday will be a time to honor the progress we’ve made and recommit to working together for clean air and water (and accountability from our utility suppliers) and for housing issues to be resolved fairly and in a way that improves our community without leaving people behind.

We hope you will join us, because everyone makes a difference! This will be a good event to introduce CUFA to friends and family who are concerned about the same issues you are as well, so feel free to share the event and bring a guest!

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