On Saturday, February 27 CUFA won an agreement from five City of Cincinnati departments to comprehensively address the worst vacant buildings in every neighborhood. Officials from Cincinnati’s Buildings & Inspections Department, Public Services Department, Health Department, Police Department and Fire Department agreed to use their resources to collaborate on a list put together by CUFA members and partners of the top five vacant buildings in need of immediate action in their neighborhood.

35 CUFA leaders and community members heard the panel of officials speak of new programs, resources and apps that will streamline reporting and make information more accessible. CUFA will continue to meet with these departments and work to create a plan that will eliminate blighted and vacant buildings from our neighborhoods.

For more pictures from the meeting, click here to visit our Facebook page.

To report the worst vacant properties to CUFA, click here for our reporting survey. As a multi-neighborhood organization, we will make sure these properties get action. CUFA has been successful pushing the City to raze 14 houses in 9 different neighborhoods and is working to get these properties into the hands of responsible owners.