CUFA members are working to make sure we have clean air to breathe. On February 8, the US Supreme Court issued a temporary stay on the Clean Power Plan, which puts the first ever limits to carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants. Marilyn Evans, president of Communities United For Action, issued the following statement:

The Supreme Court is supposed to defend our constitutional rights, including our right to clean air. While we are disappointed by the court’s ruling, we know that the Clean Power Plan is legal, and it will be implemented in states across the country.

We also know that the legal challenge to the Clean Power Plan is an attempt by power companies to continue to make us consume dirty energy while more and more people are interested in clean energy. Delaying this rule does not mean a delay in the climate crisis. Communities United For Action and all of our members cannot wait while energy companies continue to pollute our community. We will act to advance a clean energy economy. We will continue to push locally and across the nation, as an affiliate of National People’s Action, for elected officials to advance policies and investments that put people and the planet first, not coal-burning energy companies. As we transition to clean energy, we must ensure that we create economic opportunity for communities of color and low-income communities.

CUFA Continues to Fight for the State of Ohio to develop sustainable energy sources. Come learn more about the Clean Power Plan and what you can do:
When: Tuesday, March 8, 6:30 p.m.
Where: CUFA offices 1814 Dreman Ave.
What: Staff from National People’s Action will brief us on state Clean Power Plans, what’s
happening around the country, and what we can do
For More Information: 853-3947