CUFA leaders traveled to Washington DC and Atlanta, GA to tell the EPA that Cincinnati and Ohio need a strong Clean Power Plan that will put people first.

CUFA leader Sandy Lindsey delivered 20,021 petitions to EPA officials in Washington, DC that calls for a strong federal Clean Power Plan. Sandy is fighting for cleaner air because Cincinnati’s dirty atmosphere prevents her daughter with asthma from playing outside.

CUFA President Marilyn Evans testified for a strong plan that would have effective regulations to hold polluters accountable. She said, “we need to punish the industries that are killing us.”

CUFA is working hard to get harmful pollution and carbon out of our air. Join us to work for a strong Clean Power Plan that protects our communities and makes green energy affordable for all.

Call 853-3947 or email to take action and fight for a safe, sustainable environment.

For more pictures from the hearings, click here.