Grassroots leaders of CUFA’s Vacant Property Action Team have been working hard to eliminate hazardous vacant properties in our communities. Vacant properties plague low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and lead to increased blight, crime and unsafe conditions.

In January, CUFA won an agreement from the City to listen to the people by taking action on the worst vacant properties in each neighborhood. The City agreed to investigate, cite, demolish and speed up the process for the top 5 worst vacant properties in each neighborhood. This agreement puts the people in charge of how city resources are used and spent.

In the first phase of the agreement, CUFA and community leaders submitted 71 properties from 16 neighborhoods. CUFA’s Vacant Property Action Team met with the City throughout the year and saw real progress being made.

To date, over 6 dangerous vacant properties have been demolished! In September, the City reported that over 50% of the priority properties have been moved into the demolition program. Residents of the communities are starting to see results of CUFA’s work- vacant lots are being maintained, open structures are barricaded, unstable housing is being razed, and neglectful out-of-town property owners are being identified and held accountable.

These is still much work to be done to eliminate vacant properties and stabilize our communities. Join CUFA’s Vacant Property Action Team by clicking here.

Submit your neighborhood’s worst vacant properties by clicking here.

View pictures of CUFA’s demolition parties by clicking here (College Hill) or here (South Fairmount).

Together, we can make a difference.