On Friday, March 6th CUFA members gathered at Mayor John Cranley’s press conference that unveiled a new plan to address the problem of litter and weeds.

Some highlights of the plan:

  • Abatement actions will be increased to 1000 lots per year from 350 per year.
  • Community partners, such as community councils, will be empowered to abate weed and litter violations on behalf of the city. The cost of such action will be owed by the owner.
  • The city will more aggressively pursue unpaid fines and fees by using property liens and court judgments against chronic offenders.
  • The city will employ modern technology to more efficiently cite and track owners who do not maintain their property.
  • The city will be able to abate more violations by using volunteers and by simplifying the procurement process to handle overgrown lots using city personnel.
  • The height requirement required for citing overgrown weeds will be reduced from 10 inches to 6 inches.
  • Fines and fees associated with overgrown weeds and litter citations will be increased.
  • The budget impact of these changes is projected to net increase city revenues by more than $1.5 million annually.

(Source: Office of the Mayor of Cincinnati)

CUFA continues to be concerned about blight and the stability of our neighborhoods. We are passionate about getting blighted property into the hands of homeowners who are willing to take care of it.

We commend the City for taking this issue seriously. Community members should not be harmed by negligent property owners. CUFA believes that the money raised from this program should directly benefit neighborhoods. This announcement is a first step to address this chronic problem.

CUFA wants to hear from you: how do you see this new ordinance impacting your community? How do you see you and your neighborhood benefiting? Let us know!

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