On Monday night, 85 CUFA members and members of the public met with Hamilton County Commissioners Todd Portune and Chris Monzel and Hamilton County Administrator Christian Sigman to push for affordable sewer bills, fixing sewer overflows, and creating local job opportunities on large public works projects.

CUFA members spoke out, and the public officials listened. CUFA won agreements on:

  • Publicly accounting for the money spent and progress made on Project Groundwork.

This $4 billion public works project is designed to fix sewage overflow problems in the county. CUFA members expressed concerns regarding lack of public accountability and slow progress getting the problems fixed. Commissioner Portune committed to making the budget more easily understood. Commissioner Monzel said, “Mayor Cranley and I are creating a scorecard reporting system” to make the reporting more transparent.

  • Developing a program to help low income people and people on fixed incomes pay their sewer bills.

Commissioner Portune stated that sewer bills have increased 130% over the last 10 years. “We cannot afford to continue these increases,” said CUFA member Clark Beck. “My neighbors are being forced to choose between paying for food and paying their water bills.” The commissioners agreed to convene a committee to develop a program for low-income sewer customers. They also stated they would support measures to reduce the cost of fixing Hamilton County’s sewer problems while meeting the requirements of the Clean Water Act.

  • Hiring and training local people for the jobs on Project Groundwork.

Both commissioners committed to hiring local people for the jobs within the guidelines of the Ohio Revised Code.

CUFA continues to win on issue we care about by bringing real people into the decision-making process. Chip in here to keep our sewer bills low and our water safe to drink.  Check out this video of the meeting.

Together, we can make a difference!