Victory for CUFA!

Program requires lenders to register and maintain property

P.G. Sittenfeld states potential fees and fines could be a revenue generator.

For over a year, CUFA has been pushing for the expansion of the Vacant Foreclosed Property Program from the 5 pilot neighborhoods to all 52 neighborhoods in the City of Cincinnati. On Wednesday, March 11th, city council finally approved the expansion and now YOUR neighborhood has the power to hold banks accountable for vacant foreclosed properties that they are neglecting!

Council member PG Sittenfeld stated that the program has registered 267 of the 293 confirmed vacant properties in the 5 targeted city neighborhoods and so far the program has generated $133,000 in fees, and $106,000 in fines.  According to Sittenfeld, 88% of the homes in the pilot program have been improved or stabilized. Sittenfeld stated that this program is not only benefiting those communities, but the expansion could be a revenue generator for the city.

For more coverage on this expanded program, click on the news links below.

For information on how to hold banks accountable and report a neglected vacant property, follow the link below. The tool allows you to look up a property by neighborhood or individual address to see if it has been registered with the city. If it has been registered, you can report problems that violate the standards set by the ordinance and keep your neighborhood safe!