Study Shows Which Areas Have Highest Mortality Rates

Preventable Illness Among Leading Causes Of Death

A new report gives some perspective to the quality of life in various parts of Cincinnati.

Areas such as Price Hill and Avondale have higher mortality rates than areas such as Mount Adams and Hyde Park, according to the study conducted by the Cincinnati Health Department.

“If I’m living in Price Hill, then, yes, Price Hill is not doing that well in terms of mortality,” said Dr. Noble Maseru, Cincinnati health commissioner. “The numbers are what they are.”

Neighborhood advocates such as Marilyn Evans, of Communities United for Action, said they’ve been calling for a study like this one to underscore neighborhood disparities.

“We work in low- and moderate-income communities where the epidemic seems to be in great proportion and nobody listens,” Evans said.

The two-year study looked at mortality rates between 2001 and 2007 in the city’s neighborhoods, as well as the causes of death for each area.

The leading causes of death across the city were heart disease, cancer, stroke, lower respiratory disease and diabetes.

CUFA was the first organization to ask the Health Department for this study.
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