Linda Briscoe, a long time community activist, departed this life on Friday, August 14, 2009. She was a resident of Winton Terrace for over 35 years and had long worked to improve the quality of life for her community with her involvement in environmental justice, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship, the quality of public housing, and access to health care.

Linda was elected as Vice President of Communities United for Action in December 2008. She is the former President of the Winton Hills Citizen Action Association, a leader in Public Housing Action Committee, president of the Ohio Women’s Health Project, and a chairperson for the 24th Democratic Ward.

In 2003, Linda was chosen as one of the Cincinnati Herald’s Nefertiti Award Winners. The Herald described her as “the embodiment of grassroots leadership who continues to be a valuable asset not only to her community but also the Greater Cincinnati region. Her efforts have resulted in a better quality of life for all residents and her initiative and follow-through should be commended.”

Linda first became involved in environmental issues as she became aware of the effects of the environment to her own health and the health of residents. Her involvement grew as her activism led her to speaking out for the rights of residents at the city, state, and national levels.

Some of the highlights of Linda’s work include: leading the fight to close down the Elda Landfill; passage of the City of Cincinnati’s Environmental Justice Ordinance, a youth computer program and development of a youth business in Winton Hills, and better living conditions in the Winton Terrace Development.

Two of Linda’s many strengths lay in her courage to question unjust policies or laws, and to advocate for fair treatment. She believed that all residents had a right to be heard and did not hesitate to challenge public or private officials if she felt that they were wrong.
Her voice, her passion, her intelligence, and her wit will forever be missed.

Linda Briscoe